Shooting Declan

My very talented friend Declan Guckian usually strategically plans his performances to coincide with tube strikes, riots, and protests (and other things that might make it difficult for me to attend). I think he used to call the cinema to make sure I was rostered when he was gigging. He also tries to make sure the venue is not in easy reach of my geographical knowledge. Maybe I'm paranoid? But tonight I snook to one of his performances in Notting Hill sliding through the ice and the snow, camera in tow of course. Unsurprisingly the gig was awesome. If you get the chance, go and see him before he is very famous and playing huge venues. Find him on facebook here for upcoming gigs.

Discarded Couch

Local Refuse

Found Photographs

Found this morning whilst looking for a blank CD in a pile a former housemate left for me. Entitled three peaks the CD contained three folders named Annabel, Marc and Richard. I guess they climbed three peaks?! I had a good old look through them this evening and I'm really taken by some of them particularly the first one.
I love the anonymity and veiled atmosphere here. Lovely.


Sleeping teddy


A shed

Where are the good drawings?

Battered Research Journal

Here is the book I produced as part of my MA work. It was quite big 30cm x 30cm and consisted of 120 pages. It has gotten slightly worse for ware through the duration of the show. I should have provided gloves and scolded anyone who hadn't washed their hands.