Shelving sculpture

An Idea I had for an installation piece, which would be a shelving unit, that would be displayed on the wall. The unit was inspired by architectural plans. The unit would contain an installation of objects from the studies I have been doing; organised very specifically so that the items take on a path through the shelving. The items would move through the piece eliminating space by being placed perfectly in the shelving. I was testing out in the final photograph possible objects.

Macro Film Clip

For high def version watch on youtube

As part of my research I have been looking at the macro aspects of habitation and zooming in on specific areas. Focusing on the areas that I have found interesting to create a slightly abstract series of shots. I had been using the sound of conversation with the images but I think that it was distracting and the shots can stand on their own without sound. So maybe I will have a series of these shots put together in a very simple way.

Sound test

Here is an experiment I did with sound combining jewellery box sounds, the introduction is just one single box, then they are layered up.

Part of a series looking at people within their own space. Some of the spaces are transient others are permanent. It is interesting to see inside peoples homes and see how they create order within their private space. I prefer the ones which are not 'staged' looking - the more natural ordinary interaction are more interesting. I wanted to create an atmosphere of curiosity and looking at photographs like this makes me think about how my own space is ordered and how I apply order onto my own transient space.


In looking at alternative engagements within the domestic domain, i've really been inspired by the way things can be organised and find a path to the space they are occupying. Objects are subject to various practises of dispersal, divestment and displacement in the gaps between consumption and acquisition, use and their eventual disposal or lack of as the case may be. They could be thought of as a gluttonous metaphor for excessive consumption. Clutter needs to be understood not merely as the underside of storage but also as part of an ordering of the home and identity that follows the traces left behind by the dynamic of storage. Storage and consumption are processes of living with things without being stored or displayed, but just put down, piled up around the paths of daily routine, where things fall out of use and out of awareness.

Clutter is not simply that which accumulates as a result of lack of shelving or cupboard space but is better understood as an almost inevitable result of consumption. These materialities and ecologies create yet disrupt order, thus marking the gap between presence and absence. As things mark the trails of peoples lives through the home, they become traces of peoples lives.

Lost in Space

Here are some thoughts I had.