The Queen

Can't stay still?




I've been exploring this idea of repetition, i've done this through GIF making. It's experimenting with the possibility of endlessness. I'm not really sure if this plays any role in my practise, maybe from the point of space occupation- would this be a way of occupying space for a potentially infinite amount of time?


book workshop

A book made during a workshop with Ben the theme was sequence. I chose to re-sequence a passage of text thereby creating new narrative and alternative interpretations of the text.


I was out during the good weather doing some painting and I didn't have my glasses on, so I saw something furry running past behind me and I thought it was a cat so I ran after it, 'here kitty come say hello,' but it was no cat . . . . . but a giant very well fed rat.

Pick me up at Somerset House

Images from Pick Me Up, an exhibition of illustration and graphic art at Somerset House. Paper Artist Rob Ryan transferred his studio to the venue for the duration of the show, which i particularly enjoyed. It was really great to see how he works and experience just how much work goes into what he makes, although I think he has other people to do the laborious cutting now. He has lots of interesting bits and pieces up on his walls from embroidery to family photographs. The show also had a cinema area showcasing some great animation, music videos and other moving image pieces.