Sleeping teddy


A shed

Where are the good drawings?

Battered Research Journal

Here is the book I produced as part of my MA work. It was quite big 30cm x 30cm and consisted of 120 pages. It has gotten slightly worse for ware through the duration of the show. I should have provided gloves and scolded anyone who hadn't washed their hands.

Things are nicer when you can hold them

Some of the spreads from a book I had been working on during the year, I posted these images a couple of month ago, but they are completely different when compiled and placed in a book context. The cover is a hand cut silhouette from one of the original photographs.

Chelsea Show Catalogue

Our lovely catalogue, each student got a page where they could include some information about their project and images, the catalogue also contained an editorial section where most courses wrote an article and some former students also contributed. The catalogue was designed by Eka, Henry and Seyit.