Workshop with Mary and Asli

As part of our work shop Mary and Asli gave us a list of tasks of which we had to complete at least three. 

Ask the first stranger you see outside the building what she/he is feeling: I asked a girl coming from the Tate toward the college how she what she was thinking 'i'm thinking about my work' she said.

Sit on a bench and write on a piece of paper as many different words as you can. red, space, drip, cold, breeze, ocean, air, smoke, stone, squeek, spray, stride, square, open, time, birds, thought, crown, two, runners, light, beard, umbrella, fabric, lyric, presence, isolation, company (I sat on a bench looking out on the courtyard of the college)

Follow someone until you learn something about them/her: I followed a man wearing a peak hat and a stripy blue scarf into the Chelsea cafe - he takes his coffee with milk and no sugar.

Leave a note for someone: I left a note in the canteen saying 'To whoever sits hereDear Diner, I hope you enjoy your meal today and you have a prosperous day ahead, lots of love xxx.' I don't think anybody actually read the note, I watched for quite a while and people looked a intimidated by the thought that maybe they were under surveillance so I got out from under the table I was hiding under and put away my binoculars feeling a little defeated!

The Solution

I thought that the answers would lend themselves to a narrative so I decided to combine two of the answers to create a spontaneous narrative. So using the man that I followed into the coffe shop as a main character, I built a small story incorporating the words I had written down whilst on the bench. I laid this out in a simple typographical form that enhanced the content of the composed story.